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Letterpress Invitations – The Perfect Choice for Special Occasions

Letterpress invitations are a thing of beauty. While wedding invitations have evolved considerably over the years and people are coming up with new, innovative ways to announce the most important day of their life, the popularity and demand for old school letterpress invites still remain the same, which is quite incredible. In fact, in many countries, including our very own Australia, the popularity of letterpress printing rivals that of digital printing, particularly when it comes to invitations for special occasions.


What is Letterpress Printing?

Letterpress is, quite simply put, the oldest method of printing. It is also the most elaborate, laborious printing method. In this method, a raised surface, which has letters and images on it, is coated with ink and pressed against a sheet of paper. In the earlier days, wooden and metal blocks were used for typesetting. These days, photopolymer plates are used extensively in letterpress printing as they are easier to maintain and replace than metal and wooden blocks.

What Makes Letterpress the Right Choice for Invitations?

  • First and foremost, they are incredibly beautiful. Letterpress printing creates crisp, bold patterns that look stunning on a sheet of paper. The texture and definition of the text and images are richer in letterpress than in other types of printing.
  • Digital printing can only be done with thin sheets of paper. Letterpress, on the other hand, is ideal for any kind of paper, irrespective of its thickness. It even works with treeless cotton paper, which is much heavier than other types of paper. The thickness of the paper allows for deep impressions, which make your wedding invitations look unique and special.
  • Letterpress is a unique, one-of-its-kind craft. A lot of creativity and workmanship goes into it. Digital printing, in contrast, requires very little effort and you can print a bunch of invitations in no time. Letterpress is a laborious process which involves a lot of time and effort and it is a point of pride with many printing presses that they have mastered this style of printing.
  • Lastly, letterpress is a traditional and classic style of printing. Even in the ultramodern, digital world that we live in, the love for traditional things has not completely gone away in many spheres of life. So, people cherish letterpress printing and want to preserve it for the future. It is one of the main reasons why letterpress is back in vogue today, not just in Australia, but in many other parts of the world as well.


Factors to Consider While Ordering Letterpress Invitations

The first thing you need to know about letterpress printing is that it takes time – much longer than digital printing. So, you need to plan accordingly and place your order well in advance.

Get in touch with the designer of the printing press and convey your ideas clearly. Take a look at the designs he comes up with and approve the one that you like the most. Make sure you get all the details right, as letterpress printing is time-intensive and last-minute changes can take more time than you expect.

Letterpress requires a different dye for each color. Dyes for letterpress can be quite pricey, so it is a good idea to keep the number of colors on your invitation to a minimum. You will be surprised to see just how brilliant the printing looks even with two or three colors. At the same time, if you can afford to, splurge a bit and go for rich, colorful invitations that people would love to keep as mementos for a long time.

Customized letterpress invitations generally cost more than readymade ones. The cost depends on a number of factors like the number of dyes used, the quality and thickness of the paper used, the size and number of invites to be printed, and the variety of finishes – to name a few. So, you need to tell the printer exactly what you need in terms of size, color, and design to get an accurate quote.


If you cannot afford custom invitations and want to choose from the catalogue itself, you still have an amazing range of choices. There are many letterpress printers in Australia, each with their own catalogue of invitations in a variety of different sizes, designs, patterns, and colors. You can take a look at all of them and easily choose one that meets your expectations and suits your budget perfectly.


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